Semirecycling Co., Inc. processes collection from the client’s facilities, transportation, segregation & classification, crushing & dismantling, filtering, refining, treatment according to the environmental standards and legislations.

Accredited Treatment, Storage and Disposal (TSD) Facility for the following hazardous materials:

  • Wastes with Cyanide (A101)
  • Lead and its compound (D406)
  • Wastes with Inorganic Chemical (D499)
  • Solvent Based waste (F601)
  • Other Mixed Wastes (F699)
  • Miscellaneous Wastes (M502)
  • Wastes Electrical and Electronic Equipment (M506)

  • Accredited Transporter for the following hazardous materials:

  • Wastes with cyanide (A101)
  • Acid Wastes (B201-B299)
  • Alkali Wastes (C301-C399)
  • Wastes with Inorganic Chemical (D401-D499)
  • Reactive Chemicals (E501-E502)
  • Ink/Dyes/Pigments/Paint/Latex/Adhesives/Organic Sludge (F601-F699)
  • Waste Organic solvents (G703-G704)
  • Waste Oil/Bunker Sludge (I101-I104)
  • Contaminated containers (J201)
  • Miscellaneous Wastes (M501, M502, M506)
  • collection